{bon mot} monday| another star is born

on 02-01-2016


There is nothing like being bathed in a newborn’s light —  yes, here in our world now, but still shimmering with the soft iridescence of a place we’ve long forgotten. When that newborn is your own child, a familiar stranger born from you minutes ago, there is a moment of stars aligning — I know you. You know me. — and then a realization that this tiny person may be from you and of you but is not you or yours or anyone’s. This child was born to shine her own light on the world.

Two decades ago, another star was born. Happy Birthday, Schuyler — shine on!


rewind_periwinkle on white


let my love turntable

let my love open the door 


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{thursday} turntable | life goes on


behind the wheel

{mixed up} monday | behind the wheel



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