be a daymaker

on 04-14-2015



Ever have one of those coffee staincaught in the rainheartbreaking textno idea what’s next kind of days?

How about an exactly where you need to be – sweet serendipity – spring swoon – almost expect Van Morrison to croon this kind of day?

Whether you’re trying to ditch the doom and gloom cloud that seems to be stalking you or you’re living Van the Man’s lyric “all the parts of the puzzle start to look like they fit,” try this:

Be a daymaker.

Creative powerhouse Alexandra Franzen’s brilliant blog post about her encounter with a stylist whose “passion for his craft beamed through every pore” got me thinking. What if we stopped pondering/ obsessing over/ worrying about life’s big questions and started to focus on how we could make someone else’s day — not just through acts of kindness, but by sharing the light we create when we’re immersed in doing whatever it is that makes us shine?

Let’s see what happens when we allow this question to be front and center: “How can I make someone’s day?”




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