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on 06-08-2015

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We all have “one of those days” when we seem to be magnets for mishaps and misunderstandings, when we feel frustrated, angry, confused, bereft or broken. “You can start your day over anytime” is a powerful nugget of everyday wisdom I’ve relied on for years.


I believe that my life is no more and no less than what I perceive it to be, and while I can’t control external forces (yes, daily reminders need on this front!), I can control the thoughts that shape my perception.


When I make the choice not to trail after a negative tide of emotions, get caught up in drama and distractions or beat myself up over a decision (or feeling stuck because of my inability to make one), I imagine myself pushing a giant, green reset button. There are countless times when making that choice, seeing that image and taking a couple of deep breaths have literally saved the day.


This quote from Roger Babson is a reminder that we don’t have to jump aboard when things are heading in a direction we don’t want to follow. Believing in our internal reset button can transform a moment, a day, a lifetime . . . .


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