colorful film quiz + shades of you + hues to help

on 05-03-2012

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Evan Seitz’s animation, “Color Reel,” puts the spectrum of your film knowledge to the test. Click on the image above to take his colorfully creative movie quiz.



My childhood tomboy tendencies didn’t stop me from being thrilled each time my great-aunt, a chemist who launched a successful cosmetics company, asked me to flip through color chips to dream up new lipstick names.


UNICEF taps into a similar sense of color inspiration to improve the lives of children around the world with its”Own a Colour” fund-raising initiative. Click on this illustration to learn more, and then have fun making a difference as you name your favorite hues.



If you had to choose the one color that best describes your personality, what would it be? Click on this image to explore how our definitive color and the colors we like {and dislike} can provide insight into who we are and how we navigate through life.


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