mixed up monday: it’s a colorful life

on 04-30-2012

Who could argue with the scores of songs and poems that compare falling in love to the unrestrained splendor of Spring? Whether enraptured by romantic love in bloom, captivated by the wonder of a newborn baby or overwhelmed by a deep connection to a close friend, being conscious of sublime peaks within the constant back beat of love in our lives can be transformative.

For me, that  sense of possibility and thrill of new beginnings seeps into the very color of my world. It’s like someone turns up the volume on the hues surrounding me so everything is  brighter and more vibrant.

Today, my husband celebrates a big birthday. You know, the kind that inspires funny cards and helium balloons. We fell in love right around his last milestone, and 10 colorful years  have followed — marriage, parenthood, dream chasing, love, loss, travel, music, magic . . . .

To celebrate my love’s debut on the planet, today’s Spotify playlist is saturated with color . . . Click on the color wheel to tune in.




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