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on 01-17-2012

dive in plain

What does it mean to dive in?

To me, diving in is about breaking the surface with the intention of becoming completely immersed.


Every act of diving in has a divinely frightening “leap and the net will appear” moment . . . that split second of suspension when we have to let go and believe we’ll land where we’re supposed to, even it’s nowhere near our intended destination.


I’ve done a lot of diving in over the last two decades, and there’s been no shortage of splashy surprise landings.


YL in wheelhouse

That’s me in the wheelhouse of the Tug Cornell in Kingston, NY

When I wrote ROCK ‘N ROLL REBEL in 1981, I didn’t know there would be three decades between my first pass at creating a book with music and writing/ scoring THE WHEELHOUSE CAFÉ, my novel with soundscape. How could 12 year-old me have imagined that I’d be 46 when my first book was published?


That’s where “Turning,” by W.S. Merwin comes in. Each time I read this poem, it reminds me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and my reservoir of inspiration and ability to create doesn’t have an expiration date.


Guess what? Neither does yours . . .


It’s my wish that time you spend exploring my site will be an oasis for you . . . a place you can count on to celebrate creativity, deliver doses of optimism and keep you tuned into the ever-present wonder of chances coming back ’round again.



by W.S. Merwin


Going too fast for myself I missed

more than I think I can remember


almost everything it seems sometimes

and yet there are chances that come back


that I did not notice when they stood

where I could have reached out and touched them


this morning the black shepherd dog

still young looking up and saying


Are you ready this time


{published in The New Yorker 5-16-11}



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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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