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on 06-01-2015

Brene Brown quote

I recently let go of my aversion to “abandoning” a book and allow myself to stop reading if the experience is uninspired or just plain theartofasking_imagemiserable. I give an author a few chapters to reel me in, but now I don’t feel obligated to read through to the very last word.

I’ve also been suppressing my urge to jump right into the “beginning” and instead read every forward, prologue and introduction. I was supremely grateful for this new practice as I devoured Brené Brown’s forward to The Art of Asking or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help, Amanda Palmer’s brilliant memoir and manifesto.

Brown extends an invitation anchored in honesty, love and the universal desire to be seen that allows us to let down our guards and get up close. My advice? Accept it and dive in.



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