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on 10-26-2015

bon mot

Whatever you’ve done or failed to do, your inner compass hasn’t wavered. It will remain steadfast in reflecting your authentic spirit and always remember who you are even when you may have forgotten.

I once wrote about breathing life into a dream, a hustle and flow that begins with connecting to our spirit:

Think of  life as a song you compose as you live it. The notes are tangible expressions of what you  feel, observe and imagine that come to life when you roll up your sleeves —  think, plan and do.

And then, there are the spaces between the notes.

I believe this is where the magic happens. Without those spaces, a song would be a cacophony — unbearable, discordant, meaningless. The spaces allow your  song — your life —  to breathe and become what it is meant to be.

The spaces beckon serendipity, and allow us to transcend the very human, perpetual need to know and understand the “how” so that each of us can believe in the possibility of our dreams taking flight.


rewind_powder blue on charcoal


dream is free

hustle + flow



it’s in the cards


firefly jar

the art of ask-piration

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