{mixed-up monday} the thanksgiving edition: gratitude ink

on 11-22-2012


Not mine . . .

The name of this post might make you wonder if I’m going to reveal my latest {OK, first-ever} tattoo so let me  end the suspense . . . nope.  Any remnants of my late 80s desire for a Joshua Tree tattoo are still suppressed by a fear of ending up with a blurry head of broccoli on my hip.


The ink I’m thinking about today is the kind that captures gratitude, whether it’s with a pen or a keyboard. I’ve always believed in the universe-shifting power of “If you think it,ink it,” but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that my reaction to an avalanche of ugh morphed into an unexpected daily practice – infusing my daily life with more ways to be consciously thankful.


My corner of the world has had a bumpy 2012, with the North Fork’s hardy/”hearty” resilience pounded by relentless waves —  from the tragic loss of several community members to disaster-wreaking storms — the ones Mother Nature hurled at us that ravaged homes, and the ones raging beneath the surface of so many with internal struggles that ravaged hearts.


One dark , gray November morning, I went on a gratitude binge, and I haven’t stopped since. I’m fueling it with 3 things:

1. Thinking “thank you” in the spaces between the notes of my day 

Sometimes those words are attached to something specific — “for the way my son laughs when I turn into the kissing bandit and try to kiss his nose” — and other times they’re like an inhale/ exhale, I’m here, thanks for that. 


2. Curating gratitude-inspired video, music, quotes and images on my Tumblr blog, bank-o-thanks.

Click here to check out bank-o-thanks, my on-line gratitude journal.

I completely lose myself while mining for examples of gratitude. When I find an image or quote to post, it feels like I’m gathering kindling to stoke a fire. It’s so, well . . . I’ve got to say it — gratifying.


3. Writing down what I’m thankful for throughout the day.

I don’t have a gratitude journal, but I do scribble or type random thank you notes wherever I can — post-it note, back of paper bag, on a foggy car window — whenever I think of it.


Consider this post two things — one, a thank you for reading my blog and sharing your feedback with me throughout the year. I appreciate you more than you know.


And two, an invitation to binge along with me. Try different gratitude-catching methods on for size, find one that fits and watch what happens.


Here are some sparks:

Write down what you’re thankful for and corral it in a jar. When it’s full, read through what’s inside and then fill ‘er back up with a new batch of thanks.

Keep a gratitude journal — on your computer or in an old-school notebook or decorated journal.


There’s an app for that . . . click here to check out the Gratitude App for giving thanks wherever you are.


Never underestimate the power of a pen and a cocktail napkin. Magic.


This week’s playlist is packed with songs that make me want to shout, “I’M SO THANKFUL FOR THIS MUSIC!”  While it’s not my ultimate all-time favorite list {not sure I could ever narrow that one down to less than 100}, it is a collection of gems I treasure. They shine for me every time.


Enjoy — and thanks again.

Click here for a Spotify playlist.


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