{hallelujah} sandler + cohen + timberlake + buckley + wainwright

on 12-14-2012


I couldn’t wait to hear an uncensored version of Adam Sandler’s “Hallelujah, Sandy Screw Ya” 12-12-12 performance at The Garden.  And once I tracked that down, I stayed  in a “Hallelujah” groove, listening to several of the 300  (! ! !)  versions of the song.

To experience some renditions of this soulful Leonard Cohen classic, just click on the images below.


“There’s a blaze of light in every word

 It doesn’t matter which you heard

The holy or the broken Hallelujah.”



Adam Sandler – 12-12-12













Leonard Cohen














Justin Timberlake


Jeff Buckley



Rufus Wainwright



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