hustle + flow + getting down with christopher walken

on 07-17-2014




What do you need to take a dream from an idea to a reality?


Hustle and flow.


No, not the Terrence Howard/ Ludacris flick. I’m talking about the intersection of working hard and being so completely captivated by what you’re doing that 3 hours feels like 3 minutes. That’s the place where dreams take flight.


As I created “The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Manifesting Your Dream,” my keynote for  last weekend’s Buck Moon Arts Festival, I became ultra-aware of how the hustle of my research and preparation heralded in a flow state where I was able to lose myself in the process.  Sure, there were linear moments along the way, but I couldn’t even begin to make sense of how my ideas collided and evolved into a cohesive presentation. There was a lot of digging in followed by even more letting go.


dream is free

Is there a way to frame the hustle and flow of manifesting dreams so you can embrace the process more fearlessly? Try this . . .


Think of  life as a song you compose as you live it. The notes are tangible expressions of what you  feel, observe and imagine that come to life when you roll up your sleeves —  think, plan and do.


And then, there are the spaces between the notes. I believe this is where the magic happens. Without those spaces, a song would be a cacophony — unbearable, discordant, meaningless. The spaces allow your  song — your life —  to breathe and become what it’s meant to be.


The spaces beckon serendipity, transcending the perpetual need to know and understand the “how” so that each of us can believe in the possibility of our dreams.



I discovered this video montage of Christopher Walken getting down on the dance floor (and just about everywhere else) while I was thinking about the word hustle . . . which inspired me to do the hustle. Lucky for you, I did not record that fine exhibition of my suave coordination, but Christopher Walken busting a move? Definitely worth a watch.


dreamer/ hustler  image found on Pinterest | Melissa Hudson 

dream/ hustle image discovered on Pinterest | LailaLaLaNY

 CW video discovered on

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