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“In 2014, Yvonne Lieblein came to present a workshop and participate in panel discussions as part of an artist’s series at Fulton-Montgomery Community College’s Buckmoon Arts Festival.  Yvonne’s contributions to the event were critical and, in retrospect, I couldn’t imagine trying to have the series without her!  Yvonne is a dynamic speaker who engages and energizes audiences with her wisdom.  We were thrilled to have her, and we’re already trying to find ways to work with her again.”

Scott Collins

Fulton-Montgomery Community College | Johnstown, NY


“Working with Yvonne helped me to better understand my own strengths as a new manager.  Her experience and positive motivation get issues of leadership into focus.


 I found that I was better able to handle conflict resolution, manage expectations, and work with goal-oriented mindfulness.


Yvonne is able to narrow down the key points, bolster confidence, and teach effectiveness in her training.  I thoroughly valued my sessions with her and would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to hone their job skills.”

– Laura

Retail Manager, NY


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