mixed-up monday: in a flash

on 09-10-2012

Change isn’t easy.


And not just the smack-bam-boom change that barrels in like a wayward freight train, devastating what was with nuances of tragedy or delight. I’m also talking about the “yes-I’m-ready–to-embrace-what’s-next” change that marches in from a distance supported by outlines and plans or oozes in like a daydream fueled with hope and imagination . . .


Let’s face it, whether summoned or arriving by sneak attack, change isn’t easy. (And that’s an understatement.)


Take it from me, the person who had let her old business website linger in cyber-limbo since October 2008. I didn’t have  much to digitally dismantle — no Facebook page, Twitter account or blog. But I did have this website, something that  became a symbol of . . .


. . . all the remarkable people I’d been lucky enough to collaborate with every single day. I still miss our morning uploads, inside jokes and the tremendously creative, encouraging, getting-it-done environment we created and thrived in.


. . . a website project that became so much more than a website project. Not only did liebleinassociates.com capture the essence of my company through images, text and sound, it was the gateway to building a friendship with someone who became a trusted colleague and close friend.


. . . a time when the structure of my day was an inspiration and an albatross — too much noise in my life, yes, but it was also often a joyful cacophony of people and ideas.


. . . the fact that even though there was a time when I didn’t allow myself to think beyond being a “catalyst for business growth,” a voice inside kept urging me to look deeper.


Four years is a long time to keep any website stagnant, especially a flash site whose relevance in cyberspace has been decreasing exponentially . Now that liebleinassociates.com has been redirected to land here, I’m  re-imagining this site to reflect my life’s new landscape — writing, creative producing, consulting, coaching, teaching.


In a flash, I realized it was time to really let go and get going.


To change things up, click on the neon below and listen to this week’s playlist.





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  1. … and the grilled chicken caesar salads + seltzer…

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