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on 03-07-2012

I used to marvel at how my mom would spread the word about a product or service she loved. Prime example? Blistex. Her lip treatment of choice, yes, but if you crossed passed with Melania {a.k.a. my mom} in 1990, you probably heard her insider tip: Blistex is  the ultimate fast-acting antidote for  itchy insect bites. She even may have handed you a fresh tube from her purse so you could experience the magic.

I am most  definitely my mother’s daughter.  It feels great to turn people on to things that make their lives easier/ better/ more fun.

Here are a few recent discoveries. . .

The poet in me loves Instagram. The 2011 iPhone App of the Year is a constant stream of visual inspiration. Now this Instagram photo collage iPhone case makes me think it’s time to put my current cork cover to rest.


I discovered Uber, an on-demand private car service, on Facebook and took them for a test ride a couple of weeks ago. My friend, legendary songwriter Earl Shuman, had an NBC appearance so I hired Uber to drive us from the Upper East Side to 30 Rock and back. I set-up an on-line  account  and voila! We arrived in-style for a surprisingly affordable fare.

And the best part? Uber is all about the customer.

You request a car by text, know exactly when it will arrive {plus  your driver’s name} and no money is exchanged. The tip is included and comes out of your on-line account.

I’m a fan.

P.S. You can find Uber in several U.S. cities, Toronto and Paris.


Yes, I’m Pandora girl who’s been Spotified, but I couldn’t resist experiencing emotional Internet radio. Stereomood let’s you tap into a playlist of songs  that fits how you’re feeling or can help turn your mood around by streaming a different emotional soundscape.

The playlist themes are creative, and I was thrilled that my “melancholy, calm, lonely” Tom Waits playlist  perfect for “drinking, relaxing, it’s raining” kicked off with two {somewhat obscure} favorites — “Had Me a Girl” and “Goin’ Down Slow.”

I’m feelin’ it.














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  1. i love reading through your blog, thank you for sharing with us.

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