{thursday turntable} just say yes

on 01-24-2013


No may not  be a four-letter word, but it sure felt like one when I started wielding it to  protect priorities, set boundaries and maintain some sanity amid a seemingly  never-ending stream of can you/ will you/ won’t yous.


I’ve experienced how those two little letters can liberate, clarify and relieve. I’ve lauded  the benefits of boundary setting  and even practice not  over-explaining (or even explaining) the reasons behind a particular no.


Lately, though, I’ve been basking in the power  of YES. I’m more conscious of when I say it so I guess you could say my  yes is a little wiser now, but it ‘s still flush with energy and possibility from days of yore when I was less conscious of committing and often paid the price later with exhaustion, resentment and the occasional WTF-am-I-doing sentiments.


I’ve found that the key for me is paying attention to when I feel the tug — that feeling I get when even something  that might seem like an  obvious no on the surface is really a yes in waiting. The tug doesn’t steer me wrong, but it also doesn’t always jump up and down waving its arms in an effort to be recognized.


Pay attention to  what pulls you, excites you, intrigues you  . . . even scares you a little. Then, just say yes.


For a  Spotify playlist filled to the brim with  y-e-s, click on SAY YES.








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