mixed-up monday: labor dazed

on 08-27-2012


Here we are . . . standing on summer’s outer edge with Labor Day looming large on the horizon.


Nestled halfway between July 4 and Thanksgiving, Labor Day was established in 1882 as a day of rest for the working man. Eventually, the holiday engulfed an entire weekend and became the marker for the end of summer.


And while Labor Day was busy evolving, so was the American definition of work. Sure, it might be 5 o’ clock somewhere, but for many that doesn’t mean it’s time to power down.


In a recent blog post by Jonathan Fields, he talks about how “busy” is the new “fine,” and surely the way we work contributes to the chaos of chock full days  Our ability to work whenever and wherever definitely provides opportunities — including the chance to put our noses to the grindstone 24/7.


Whether you plan to snooze in a hammock or kick it into overdrive on the work front this Labor Day weekend, please join me in taking a few minutes to look at the season ahead and schedule in time to exhale. Even a few breaths — and a few minutes disconnected from the pull of technology — can recharge our batteries. You in?


Whether or not you whistle while you work, click he image above to give this week’s mixed-up monday “labor dazed” playlist a listen.

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