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on 08-03-2015

Let yourself rest

Everyone seems to be talking about what summer used to be like . . . waxing nostalgic about how this is the season that used to coax us into turning the busyness of life down a notch (or even two or three).


I’ve been known to say,”You can start your day over at any time,” and I believe it’s the same for a season.


You can start your summer over at any time.


Do you feel like someone (wearing big, heavy boots) stomped on the accelerator after July 4 to make time move at warp speed toward Labor Day and (gulp) everything after? Were the last few weeks “AHHHH!” instead of “Ahhh . . . ” and you’re feeling like it might be summertime, but the living is far from easy?


Start over. Let yourself rest.



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