mixed-up monday: like a hurricane

on 10-29-2012

“There is  a great deal of unmapped country within us which would
have to be taken into account in an explanation of our gusts and storms.”
                                                                                                                  – George Eliot

        Morning high tide – 5th Street 

Looks like Sandy’s serious about wreaking  havoc around here. The Northeast has been battening down the hatches for a few days, and now it’s time to weather the storm. Some of us remained skeptical until the 11th hour, especially after last season’s Irene didn’t pack the powerful punch predicted in the endless pre-hurricane hype.


I took a couple of tours around Greenport in my Wrangler this morning, and the surly, salt-spray gusts made me hyper-aware of  a poetic current coursing through me, my connection to earth and sky and sea.

        South Main St. – Greenport


My heart spouted verse as I breathed in the wild beauty. The wind urged me to ride a wave of forgiveness to that uncharted place the squalls I’ve weathered have all subsided. I stayed calm in the the eye of my storm.


Click on this photo of Sandy to give my “like a hurricane” playlist a listen, and then hold on tight for Florence and the Machine, Citizen Cope, Bush and more.

Still feeling stormy afterward? Here’s another rain-soaked playlist:

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