mix it up

on 01-06-2012


It all started in 1979. It was the year I turned double digits and still thought Lynard Skynard’s “That Smell” was a lament about body odor.

Armed with my mom’s heavy, rectangular cassette player, I recorded songs served up by  the Hartford rock station WPLR to create soundtracks for whatever was going on above and below the surface of my life — events, feelings, dreams.

Those early mixes evolved into my lifetime passion of collecting songs to convey what mere words and images cannot. A soundtrack may be a rearview mirror that lets me look back at where I’ve been or a road map that inspires me to keep on trucking toward new adventures.

My inaugural 2012 playlist is more than just a mix, it’s the soundtrack  to “aftermath,”  a poem I created using song lyrics.

Just  click on the button to tune in . . .


the verse vault