mixed-up monday: “the choice is yours” playlist

on 04-02-2012

Decisions, decisions . . . not a moment goes by when we’re not making one. And while the decision spectrum ranges from relatively minor {what to have for breakfast} to downright monumental {where to live/ who to love/ how to spend each precious minute in our day}, the foundation for making any choice is the same . . . it’s all about head space.


It makes sense that decision-making is less daunting when we feel fit/ rested/ nourished/ squared away in what matters most to us, but often-times big decisions loom when we’re feeling more overwhelmed and confused than focused and balanced.


What’s my go-to bull-dozer for paving the way to clearer thinking? Music. Tapping into its transformative power usually lifts me from a state of confusion to a place where I can weigh options with less fear and, most importantly, listen to the voice inside me that’s often muffled by the craziness of daily life.


This week’s Spotify playlist* wrangles up some songs about decision-making for your listening pleasure. Click on “the choice is yours” link below to check it out.


the choice is yours

The Choice is Yours/ Black Sheep

Stuck in the Middle/ Stealers Wheel

Amie/ Pure Prairie League

With or Without You/ U2

Circles/ Soul Coughing

Should I Stay or Should I Go?/ The Clash

Two Princes/ Spin Doctors

Ball of Confusion {USA Remix}/ Love & Rockets

Love or Confusion/ Jimi Hendrix Experience


*What is Spotify?


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