mixed up monday: hey ladies

on 04-16-2012

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DJ Edna Smith

Oh yes, it’s ladies’ week . . . time to put the needle on the record and mix up some female-focused music, inspiration and insight.

{P.S. Gentlemen, you won’t find a NO BOYS ALLOWED sign on this clubhouse, so don’t be afraid to come on in, listen-up and take a look around.}

There’s no one like Elle Magazine’s  sassy, tell-it-like-it-is E. Jean to get this party started. Click on ASK E. JEAN below to discover  Auntie’s E’s  “25 Things Every Women Should Know.”


But before you dig in, check out the “hey ladies” Spotify mix. Whether you’re powering up or winding down, this  girl-powered soundtrack has songs to move you. Just click on the playlist below to tune-in:













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