poetry fix: overpass

on 10-11-2012





The last time I saw Alamar,

we were on a bed of buckets

next to a blue wheelbarrow.

He told me he grew up

with a horse named Casarejo.

Even though it wasn’t an Azteca,

his grandfather believed great names

held enough magic

to push dreams into being.


I told him about our dogs,

all three named Perro because

my mother said it kept things easy,

and life was hard enough.

                            yvonne melania lieblein

Credit: “Men Riding in Trucks” from Alejandro Cartagena’s

photo series of men riding in the back of trucks taken from a Mexican overpass.




  1. Love it!

  2. Read this to my kids – everyone’s inspired!!
    Thanks for being a poet, Yvonne!

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