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on 03-08-2013

Last April, I started each day the same way — celebrating National Poetry Month by writing a Pin-spired poem.

First, I’d scan my Pinterest feed for an eye-catching image. Then, I used that image as a springboard to write a poem in 10 minutes or less. Pinterest’s 500-character caption limit became less challenging as the month unfolded, but I struggled for brevity with “from Siberia,” the second poem in my series. I finally pretended I was writing on a cocktail napkin, and for someone with big {make that really big} handwriting like me, every word has to count and then some.

I’m diving back in for another Pin-spired poetic adventure on April 1st. If you’d like to join me, leave a comment or drop me a line.


from siberia

Remember the day we walked those tracks

fingers linked, eyes locked?


she was above us,

below us,

around us,

everywhere then

but inside us.

Remember what it was like

to be nothing more than

left then right, right then left,

trembling but steady,

balanced somehow by the other?

I do. I do.

                                                                    -yvonne melania lieblein

                                                                      {Pin-spired poetry series | o4-o2-2o12}

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