put on your saillin’ shoes . . .

on 09-19-2014



One of my all-time favorite albums was released 40 years ago this month —  Robert Palmer’s first solo effort, SNEAKIN’ SALLY THROUGH THE ALLEY. Backed by The Meters, Palmer delivers funk-ified R&B with a relaxed groove that remains fresh and irreverent four decades later .


There’s something about the flow of one song into the next that makes the listening experience especially revelatory, so go ahead and check out the individual tracks here, but don’t forget to buy this classic album later.


Sailin’ Shoes

You’ve got to put on your sailin’ shoes 
Put on your sailing shoes 
Everyone will start to cheer 
When you put on your sailin’ shoes


Hey Julia

Hey, hey Julia . .  with your crazy sense of humor
You turn fact into rumor soon as you come near
A horn section you resemble, and your figure makes me tremble
And I sure would like to handle what’s between your ears
You’re a temptation to a man
I could not resist you, and I won’t if I can


Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley

Trying to double-talk, get myself in trouble talk,

Catching myself in lies (Catching myself in lies)

Mama just looked at me as if I was, ah, crazy

And didn’t even bat an eye.

Click here to buy the album.


  1. Yeah Yvonne, you have also another Robert Palmer fan here.

    “You’ve got to put on your sailin’ shoes
    Put on your sailing shoes….”

    Ahhh, those melodious songs, nowadays very few people have real taste for such songs..

    Gone are those days and only memories are left now.



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