school’s {almost!} out for summer

on 06-21-2012

Let me guess . . .  you were lured into this post expecting to find a link to Alice Cooper belting out his classic summer anthem. . . .


Makes sense, especially if you live in New York  since tomorrow marks the end of the 2011-12 school year. Even if you don’t live with school age children, summer fever is contagious.


That’s why I have every intention to leap into the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer with mini-Alice Coopers everywhere.  {Yes, I realize I may have just planted the seed for a new mini-Cooper model.}


But before the wild rumpus gets rolling,  please  join me in sending a super-sized  THANK YOU  to teachers everywhere.


My friend Taylor Mali’s poem “What Teacher’s Make” is electrifying, humbling and definitely beautiful. Whether or not you experienced the video of his performance when it went viral last year, give it a watch by clicking on the photo below. {You can learn more about Taylor on his website.}

P.S.   I just can’t turn my back on Alice Cooper. I mean, will summer vacation even start without some “School’s Out” head banging? The choice is yours, but I’m not about to take any chances . . .     Click on the image below to let freedom ring!

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