{saturday} shindig | march 21

on 03-21-2015


 The first weekend of spring calls for a party – especially when it decided to snow in the Northeast.

Check out these three ideas worth celebrating:


tune in

You’ve probably heard of  Serial, unless you’ve been stranded on a deserted island and had to entertain yourself finding shapes in clouds and talking to coconuts. (Why does that sound so appealing?!) The podcast not only went viral, it also had a profound effect on a murder case. (Spoiler alert if you click on the previous link.)


I caught podcast fever on a 2014 college road trip with my cousin Will and our two daughters. Will spends hours (and hours) driving every week,  and podcasts like Radiolab, TedTalks Radio Hour and The Moth keep him sane.


He recently suggested the memory palace podcast, and now I can’t wait to experience what creator Nate Dimeo is going to serve up next. Here’s a favorite — a heartbreaking history lesson of loss-fueled innovation told in less than 4 minutes.

header_layerBlur distance


ask away

The Book of Answers was an I-just-survived-my-first-SoulCycle class impulse buy. This insight catalyst falls somewhere between flipping a coin and the Magic 8 Ball.

It’s also just a hell of a lot of fun.

book of answers



I’ve been known to remind my kids (and myself) — “You can start your day over at any time.” Sometimes all that do-over requires is laughter.

Here are a few mood-elevators — wee ones jamming out to Katy Perry and LL Cool J, Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon brilliance and one super-cool bull dog.






hustle + flow + getting down with christopher walken



4 ways to give yourself the present of presence

2014-05-17 12.50.34


{try this} tuesday | happy ending

this too

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