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on 03-29-2015



Ever wonder how your train of thought brought delivered you to an idea, feeling, intention, decision, etc.?  Sometimes I get so curious that I shift into reverse and attempt follow the tracks back to its origin.


Attempt is the operative word, but whether I figure out where I started  or end up stranded at an untraceable intersection, I’m usually amused.


Here’s a look at how being invited to participate in the East End Women’s Network “Women Making a Difference” panel took propelled me from random acts of kindness and laughing at bullies to Kimmel’s SXSW fib fest and a (killer) song on repeat.

This is how I rolled: 

Preparing for a panel discussion on ways women can make a difference in their communities . . .



I’m inspired to add a random acts of kindness page to my website . . . 

kindness confetti


which gets me thinking about people who aren’t so kind and the sheer awesomeness of  Mean Tweets. Jimmy Kimmel has famous people read negative Twitter posts written about them aloud, revealing just how lame (and cowardly) cyber-bullies are . . .


and being in Kimmel-mode, I have to replay “Lie Witness News” from South by Southwest. How far will people go to act like they’re in the know?  Watch and learn (and laugh out loud). 


All that new music talk takes to my next destination . . . listening to my latest song obsession,  “All the Time” by Bahamas. I’m a sucker for dirty guitar, smooth lyrics and a slow groove. Throw in a falsetto? Swoon. 


rewind_kelly green


shindig | march 21



if jack white & janis joplin had a daughter 

alabama shakes

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