the animals + wilson pickett + sonny & cher + rod: bringing home some sam cooke

on 08-30-2012

Late August has me thinking about summer romances and how they truly embody the season that inspires them – –  steamy, starry and {many times} short-lived.  Whether or not lovers are paying attention {and why would they be?},  another inevitable “S” word appears with the power of a wrecking ball – – September.

Their late-August angst deserves an anthem, a song about yearning and burning for someone and something that could never stay.

I nominate “Bring It On Home To Me,”  and today, I’m serving up a few different covers of Sam Cooke’s soulful plea performed by The Animals, Wilson Pickett, Sonny & Cher and Rod Stewart.  Just click on the photos below to tune in.

The Animals sing it on home from the beach.


Check out Wilson’s guitar player in this photo – and please ignore this video’s Pickett with one “t.” 🙂


Cher and Sonny


Well played, Rod . . . like how you you sneak in a taste of  “You Send Me.”

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  1. You so inspire me, Y. Glad we talked and xxoo

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