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on 11-25-2014



I carry a blank SCRABBLE tile with me. In the summer, I keep it zipped in the change purse of my wallet so my fingers find it when they’re searching for coins. In cooler months, I move it to a jacket pocket. Before the blank tile, I carried a chunk of cobalt blue beach glass, and before that — a green button. Each one has been a token of gratitude, a tactile reminder to pause and be grateful in that very moment.

blank scrabble tile


The blank tile nudges me to be thankful for the sense of possibility surrounding me even when it feels like there’s no path or answer in sight.


blue glass



The beach glass reminded me to be grateful for the sea and the fact that I live so close to it.


green_buttonAnd the green button? I scooped it up from the floor years ago, and it became my first token of gratitude — a signal to pay attention to what’s right in front of me and to give thanks for what I already have.


I invite you to pick a token  — any token — and watch what happens when you add more moments of gratitude to your daily life.




gratitude ink



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