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on 03-17-2015

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Luck is in the air this week — from the superstition-steeped musings of Friday the 13th to the luck-luster of St. Patrick’s Day.

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Do you believe in luck? If so, would you describe yourself as lucky or unlucky? Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to create your own luck or to turn what feels like a streak of bad luck around?

Turns out there’s scientific proof that it is possible to make your own luck. A Psychology Today feature on the topic says that thanks to luck, we’re more like bouncing pinballs than captains at the wheel. (You can find the article in its entirety along with others from my recent lucky binge at the bottom of this post.)

Possibility-seeking people seize opportunities and brush off disappointments. They leverage their open-mindedness and resilience to lead “lucky” lives.

So, what can you do to lure Lady Luck into your life? Try this . . .

1. Prime the pump to let luck flow.

Instead of looking for luck in all the wrong places, make it easy for luck to find you. Serendipity is one of my favorite words, and the very nature of luck is anchored in happenstance. Here are three simple ways to prime the pump so luck can flow:

Try new things. This can be something as simple as sampling a new food or taking a different route to work. You might even try a different point of view on for size.

Be flexible. Set-in-stone schedules and rigid mindsets don’t leave any space between the notes of your day so luck has a change to sing along. Goals and plans create a framework for our lives, but without windows and doors they can become walls that prevent us from experiencing luck . . . and life. lady bug

Become a people person. This doesn’t mean you have to be an extrovert. It does mean you should make an effort to connect with others — both virtually and in person. The more we interact with others, the more opportunities we have to manifest luck.

2. Flip the bird to failure.

As Psychology Today points out, “The lives of the serendipitous are not always perfect and regret-free.” This is where the “f” word looms large. Letting life in and being open to opportunity means taking chances, and every time we take a chance, we might fail. That’s right . . . FAIL. Whenever I find myself teetering on the edge of potential fear of failure paralysis, I remember the long list of things I consider worse than failure, not the least of which is missing the chance to discover the people and experiences that will allow me to make the world a better place.

3. Listen to your gut. 

Do you have a hunch? Trust yourself. I know, I know . . . sometimes easier said than done. But, each time you make an effort to tune out the noise of the moment and tune into your intuition, you’re laying the groundwork for good things to unfold.

What if you have a hard time hearing (or finding) your inner compass? There are lots of ways to reconnect — everything from making time to unplug from technology to spending time outside to starting a meditation practice.  You can also try this on-the-spot gut check someone shared with me years ago — flip a coin. Pay attention to how you feel when the coin is in the air. How do you want it to land? That flash of insight is a message from your intuition.

4. LOL

That’s right, laugh out loud — giggle, cackle or do that snort/laugh combo people tease you about. Just LAUGH, damn it! A sense of humor can not only save your sanity, it’s a feel-good antidote for wallowing in the muck of what can feel like (sticky, messy, rotten) bad luck.

5. Slack off. 

Go ahead. Read it again. It most definitely says, “Slack off.” According to the Psychology Today findings“Conscientiousness is no friend to serendipity,” and there is actually such a thing as trying to hard. While being conscientious is strongly linked to achievement, conscientious people will persist in a task even when there’s no good reason to do so. By rigidly pouring all of your effort into one approach, you miss out on unexpected—but more direct—paths to success.”  So go ahead and daydream, nap, read, sketch, listen to music . . . . . whatever you do when you’re not DOING. Just loosen up so luck can find its way in .

6. Look up.

Step away from your screen — however big or little it may be. Limiting the time you’re connected unlocks limitless possibilities. It may not be easy at first, but small efforts will make a big difference. Resist the urge to look at your phone while you’re waiting for coffee or sitting in the park. Try not to text, talk, post, etc. when you’re walking down the sidewalk.  How is Lady Luck supposed to find you if scrolling through Instagram?



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