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on 03-10-2015


sleepYour imagination may have run amuck when you read “happy ending.” I even (briefly) considered changing the title so people wouldn’t be disappointed that this is a G-rated post about how to clear out the day’s clutter before surrendering to slumber . . . in essence, how to create a happy ending for the story of your day.


Tonight, before you close your eyes, think of a simple statement that makes you feel peaceful and at ease. Repeat this mantra — either aloud or in your mind — as you drift off to sleep. Leave behind the residue of the day . . . things undone or unsaid, worries, regrets. Silence any thoughts of tomorrow. . .  to-do lists, fears, expectations.


Instead, focus on the words you’re repeating and how saying those words makes you feel. Wrap your mantra around you like a favorite blanket. Let it surround you with serenity and a sense of hope.


Need a mantra? Here are a few suggestions. If you have one that brings you a sense of comfort, please share it in the comments.

this too

thank you

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  1. Thanks…It was good for me to read this today.

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