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on 04-21-2015



It’s Earth Day Eve and the 3 Rs are poised to crescendo  . . .  RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE (repeat).


I can remember hopping into a pick-up with my dad, heading to the dump and driving down (down, down, down) into the landfill to drop off our garbage as seagulls swarmed overhead. Today, that landfill is, well, full, and we stuff trash into bright yellow plastic bags so it can be carted off to some faraway place.


If you join me in feeling overwhelmed by “Where does all the garbage go?” worries, try this:




Think about how you might transform an object or material into serving as something other than its current form and purpose.


Need some ideas? Check out these cleverly repurposed objects  and my upcycled Pinterest board with transformations from the simple to the sublime. Here are a few favorites:

And since every project needs a playlist (right?), why not let the collection of reimagined songs in this blog post accompany your upcycling groove?



rewind_kelly green



Click for music + more.

upcycled playlist| reimagined music 



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