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on 07-20-2012


Just finished your super-sized drink but don’t want to miss the best part of the movie? The {free} Run Pee app will give you optimal times to sneak out to the rest room  — “because movies don’t have pause buttons” – and then lets you know what happened while you were gone.

{It’s also great if you were stuck in a long line buying said super-sized drink and missed the opening scenes.}

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Imagine taking your at-home movie night outside – fireflies dancing and night breezes whispering as you stretch out under the stars. {No, there aren’t any mosquitoes buzzing – this is your imagination, remember?!?}

Click on these photos to discover ways to transform your great outdoors into a into a magical movie experience.


In 1991, I was shocked to read that the last drive-in movie theater in New Jersey was closing.  Even though our local drive-in had faded to black years ago, I didn’t realize they were an endangered species.

After that, I went to every drive-in theater I encountered. Sure, the sound was usually coming through my radio instead of the crackly speaker clipped to the window, but it still made me feel like I was a 4 year-old in pjs, curled up in the back seat in front of the big screen.

Let these photos inspire your drive-in memorie and share your favorites in the comments.




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