cheers to a vorfreude-filled birthday

on 01-17-2013







Da-na-na-na-na  . . . They say it’s your birthday.  Da na na na na na  . . .   It’s my blog’s birthday too, yeah.


On January 17, 2012, was born, so I’m in celebration mode today.  Cartwheels and champagne will abound {hopefully in that order or things could get dangerous}. It’s been a joy sharing observations, poetry, music and inspiration with you, and this post features favorite moments I revisited during a stroll down Memory Lane. 


I’m diving into the year ahead with something best described by the German word vorfreude {FOR-froy-dah}, “the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.” You know, that about to see your best friend/ childhood birthday eve / last day before vacation feeling becomes an  irrepressible ripple of  spontaneous smiles and pervasive jolliness?  That’s the one.


What am I anticipating? The manifestation of my warehouse of dreams, many of which seemed unrelated but have had a chance to expand and collide through my posts here.


My vorfreude is grounded in tremendous gratitude, and I want to thank you for your  support and feedback. Expressing myself here and connecting with you fuels everything I create, and the comments, emails, phone calls and spontaneous hugs in the post office mean the world to me. THANK YOU.


Cheers to the wonders ahead . . . onward and upward we go!



{mixed-up monday} upcycled

gratitude tat 1

{mixed-up monday} gratitude ink












{poetry fix} overpass















tree with flaming sky

{mixed up monday} letting go to hold on


change neon

{mixed-up monday} in a flash

movie audience

{mixed-up monday} silver screen soundtrack

{poetry fix} silver screen

summer reader

{mixed-up monday} page turner playlist










firefly jar

the art of ask-piration







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