week{end} wonders: share it + shake it + move it

on 02-16-2013

share your story

What if we used social media to share positive news? Mary Latham and Laura Levin decided to do just that when they launched The GrAttitude Project:


11958_154234574733436_529568697_a“All too often we let the things that trouble us or stress us out take precedence over the many things we have to be grateful for in life. We all do it. Sometimes it takes the unexpected kindness from a stranger to change our perspective. This project aims to showcase moments like this and ultimately remind all of us that our attitude towards any situation is sometimes the only thing that stands between us and  our ability to be truly happy, to make our experience in this life an ordinary one or an extraordinary  one and additionally, to remind everyone that no act of kindness is ever too small when done with a pure heart.”


To be uplifted by acts of kindness, visit The GrAtitude Project website like the Facebook page and be sure to add share your own stories, too.


shake it

Whether or not you ever got your Gangham Style groove on, it’s time to make way for . . . the Harlem Shake, a dance invented in the 80s that just exploded into an Internet sensation with over 4,000 new Harlem Shakes being uploaded to YouTube each day.


shakeHarlem Shake videos all have the same basic elements:  One person {usually wearing headgear of some sort} starts dancing to the Harlem Shake anthem, seemingly unnoticed by the other people surrounding him or her who just keep on doing whatever it is they’re doing. Then, the beat of the song drops, prompting an explosion of frenetic movement as a whole bunch of people start grooving to the song.


The Georgia swim team’s Harlem Shake has gotten lots of attention for their underwater approach, and my daughter and her friends got their Shake on at Greenport High School   yesterday. For a steady stream of shakes, visit Harlem Shake Roulette.


I can already see your wheels turning . . . Harlem Shake in your future this weekend?!


get unstuck

Feeling stuck? Try UNSTUCK, an inspired iPad app with a unique, community approach to decision-making, goal setting, motivation, dealing with change and more.


Visit their website for more details, and don’t miss their clever video:






Here’s a 2013 week{end} wonder round-up:















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