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on 02-01-2013

Life goes on . . . sometimes at warp speed. Click on the images below for some ideas on how to  turn a lifetime of moments into memories.





Check out  how keeping a journal can be              good for your health.



My life-long friend was featured in this USA TODAY article  about journaling.                    Write on with your bad self, Elie!




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String together a 1 second video taken every day and end up with a film                                    that’s more fun than any flip book ever could be.
journal 1

Here’s a freshly picked way to preserve  memories over the course of several years: Scribble  snippets on                              index cards separated by vintage postcards.




I’m an Evernote fan . . make that FAN-atic. It’s a website and an app that let’s you record and –here’s the ticket — easily find video, audio, photos, notes, website links and other slices of life.



Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 8.50.24 AM

It couldn’t be any easier to start a Tumblr account and blog away  on a specific theme – like my gratitude journal bank-o-thanks, or everything in general.



I’m fascinated by journals that use different elements . This one is courtesy of Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel.



Old school meets new school in the Moleskin app.  {image:blog,stylesite.com}


simple 2.jpg

Brief. Colorful. Sassy. Who knew writing about even the toughest of days could be so irreverently fun?




An email message  is fine, but it’s still more fun to get a card in the mail. The Cleverbug app let’s you send personalized, printed birthday cards {with Facebook photos!} straight from your iPhone or iPad to anywhere in the world.



Cards – it’s the app that makes it a cinch to create                                                           and send  one-of-a-kind letterpress cards on the fly.




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