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on 01-11-2013


Someone talking about how to reshape the common notion of fear into something positive? I’m all ears! Click on Karen Thompson Walker’s photo to hear her TED Talk.

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When I got to the end of this Burroughs gem, I started rereading it immediately.

Click on the cover to read THE BOSTON GLOBE review, and then dive in for yourself.

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SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK made me rejoice in the exquisite messiness of love and family and figuring out how to be who we really are. {Yes – rejoice. No exaggeration!}

There’s a bonus for my fellow Alabama Shakes fans – their “Always Alright” is on the soundtrack. You’ll catch glimpses of the movie in this music video, too. {It starts off being a little too Springsteen “Secret Garden”-esque for me with the dialogue breaks, but nothing could irk me for too long with Brittany Howard’s pipes and the who’d-a- thunk-it Jennifer Lawrence/ Bradley Cooper chemistry involved.}

And, while you’re in a SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK state of mind, check out the book by Matthew Quick.  If you’re on Long Island, join me for a novel night out at theBOOKPROJECT in Riverhead on January 30. SILVER LININGS PLAYYBOOK  is our January Book Buzz.

To watch the movie trailer, click on the poster. Don’t miss this one.



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