week{end} wonders: keep more + buxom bucks + brazen brightness

on 01-25-2013

Gentlemen, feel free to read on, but this one goes out to the ladies . . . .



No matter what kind of budget expert you are — or aren’t — DailyWorth’s top 5  budgeting stories serves up a slew savvy strategies for stashing more cash. Click on the quip below  for some inspired budgeting tips, and subscribe to DailyWorth while you’re at it. I’m always glad I took the time to read their  advice, tools and real life examples .




Yes, someone’s done it.. . . upgraded the “my-bra-can-double-as-a-purse” concept employed the world over anytime a woman wants to be purse-free. With the Racktrap, it’s easy to keep your money, license and credit cards safe. Not to mention, no more  pulling out a sweaty dance floor twenty to buy that thirst quencher or having your  license drop from the bottom of your sweater at a Stones concert. Amen to that.



Click here to learn about the Racktrap.


Nice girls don’t necessarily finish last, but research shows that bright, nice girls often feel stuck. The way they interpret difficulty  when  facing a challenge and  their concern for how others perceive them can often derail their self-confidence and ability to excel. This  brief article  reminded me of how powerful language can be. It also got  me thinking about how a subtle shift in the ways I try to support the girls and young women in my life could help foster more resilience, self-worth and self-love as  they move toward adulthood. Click on the lightbulb below to learn more.


photo by Hiroki Karoda




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