week{end} wonders: easy listening + grateful fuel + club envy

on 01-18-2013

tune in




We’re here. We’re there. We’re everywhere. I know that no matter how well I clip, bookmark, post, pin or file, it’s tough to wrangle up and digest everything I want to absorb – articles, blog posts, news feeds, interviews, etc.


Enter SoundGecko, the app that gives my eyes a rest while I  listen on-the-go.  It’s easy to use — send an email, press a button in your browser or open the SoundGecko mobile app — and cheap, too.  (You can listen to 30 web articles a day for free or get a lifetime membership for only $2.95 per month.)

Read about SoundGecko here.


say thanks



I’m grateful that I made the time to watch this original short film by Moving Art. You will be, too.

Click this image to watch.

















As  I watched  Makeshift Society take shape in San Francisco last year,  I wished for something like this creative work/ learning space in my own backyard. I believe there’s magic in defining a physical space where people can create/ collaborate/ share expertise.  It conjures an intangible, invaluable ingredient for defining/ activating dreams, kick starting momentum and catapulting ideas into being. I’m grateful to Makeshift Society for getting my wheels turning and invite you to explore their fresh approach.

makeshift .jpg

Get inspired by Makeshift Society  here.


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