week{end} wonders | shindigs + slam dunks

on 06-14-2013

weekend wonders



Basketball used to be my middle name, and the way my son’s love of the game has been barreling down the court of what matters to him, I have a funny feeling my days of playing until long after dark are about to return. I can’t wait to watch DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK, an independent documentary that “explores the history, culture,and social impact of New York’s summer b-ball scene.” Click on the photo to find out more about this slam dunk and check out the trailer. 



Remember June, the month when party season shifts into overdrive? Next time you’re feeling festive, click on this photo to visit my “shindig” Pinterest board.



You know all those photos are your iPhone . . .well, maybe not ALL those photos, but the ones you wish weren’t trapped behind a screen?


The Mosaic app is all about tapping your way to stunning photo books. Click on the photo to see how it works.



I like this book so much, I bought it twice . . . the paperback is already dog-eared, and I reach for the eBook at least once a day. MANAGE YOUR DAY-TO-DAY: BUILD YOUR ROUTINE, FIND YOUR FOCUS & SHARPEN YOUR CREATIVE MIND goes right to the heart of my lifelong fascination with how people prioritize and structure their days.  I’ve refined my quest to stretch beyond getting {more} things done. I want to protect and tap into the spark that sets me on fire and makes me ” me,” even as inexhaustible demands and distractions swoop into my days. This book has given me plenty of practices to try on for size. Click on the photo to get inspired.






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