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on 06-21-2013


It’s summer! Wait . . . I mean, IT’S SUMMER!!!


Click on this photo for images of the season that reminds us all to slow down, breathe and immerse ourselves in warm weather pleasures. {Go ahead and add “with wild abandon” to the end of that last sentence. That’s the spirit.}





I learned how to do a Michael Jackson-inspired robot dance when I was in kindergarten. At some point, my should-have-been-a-Solid-Gold-dancer sister taught me how to do the Running Man . And, I’ve been wowed by other-dimensional Matrix moves.


Kenichi Ebina’s America’s Got Talent jaw-dropping {not to mention head-dropping} try-out combined all of those moves and more into a you’ve got to see it to believe it performance.  Click on his photo to watch a master in action. {Let’s just say it’s your lucky day that my robot and Running Man moves were never captured on film.}






I love how certain things make you think of certain someones you may not see as often as you’d like. Peonies make me think of just that kind of person . . . my friend Amy who tied the knot last weekend and is a huge fan of these lush petal clusters that burst from gobstopper buds. Even though my bouquet Pinterest board is filled with flowers, it celebrates peonies most of all. Cheers to Amy, Marcel and blooming love . . . .



summer soundtracks

Summer wouldn’t be summer without the music that defines it. I nominate Shelter, a collection of haunting, powerful songs by my friend Dave Wanamaker, as the first soundtrack of the summer season that’s about to unfold.  


Click on the photo to preview Dave’s songs {and buy Shelter, too}. Get ready to get lost  . . . isn’t that what summer’s all about?







schools out

school’s out


summer reader

page turner playlist


outdoor movie

outdoor movies

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