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on 02-08-2013


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When loneliness unraveled Hannah Brencher, she started writing love letters to strangers . . . and lots of ’em.  She left them all over Manhattan, hoping to deliver a boost to others who were struggling. Click on the photo below to experience her uplifting T.E.D. Talk, and check out more love letters to get inspired.








I met John and Cathrine Schmanski when they tied the knot at Brecknock Hall on 11-11-11 after winning the Brecknock Veterans Day Wedding Giveback. The community rallied around these two soliders serving in the United States Army to provide  everything for their wedding celebration — catering, photography, music, flowers, beverages and so much more.It was a joyous occasion, and spending time with the bride and groom allowed me to catch a glimpse of their inspiring commitment to each other and to serving our country.

I recently learned that John, a sargeant in charge of several soldiers,  is stationed at a forward operating base with sparse resources. Cathrine reached out with the following list of things that would make their lives brighter.  If you’d like to send some sunshine their way, please email me for the mailing address.

  • letters
  • energy drinks
  • protein (bar form & powder)
  • trail mixes
  • nuts
  • gum
  • any kind of dinner in a bowl items
  • ground coffee
  • creamer
  • sugar
  • magazines
  • games




No more tissue boxes covered in crooked construction paper hearts to fill with Snoopy valentines? Don’t let that stop you from spreading the love! Surprise the  people you love {or even just like a whole lot} with one of these Valentine’s Day ideas or pen a simple note from the heart.














Some people grumble that Valentine’s Day is yet another concocted commercial holiday. I say that any day that puts love front and center and reminds us to tell people we care is alright with me. Here’s a whole lotta love inspiration courtesy of the cupid in me . . .

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lovely quotes

pablo neruda
















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