mixed-up monday: when i was first lady

on 11-05-2012

There are some feelings that can’t be replicated, and the Election Eve emotional elixir of hopefulness/ anxiety/ excitement is surely one of them. It’s been a few years since my husband ran for public office and the culmination of campaigning for weeks loomed large in my life, but I’ll never forget that day-before-the-vote bubble of nausea —   adrenalin,  exhaustion and faith.

For a few  intense years,  my husband Josh was Southold Town Supervisor {a.k.a. the head of the oldest town in New York State}, and I was often referred to as the “First Lady of Southold.” {Go ahead, chuckle . . . I did the first two dozen times it happened.}

At the end of the day, the moniker meant that I was lucky enough to witness first-hand what it means to serve in public office. I experienced a taste of how living in the public eye is more than shrugging off the photo taken just a few minutes after the birth of my son showing up in the paper or balancing family life and my career with a slew of  events,  meetings and miscellaneous obligations.

Being First Lady was a gift — an opportunity to meet and interact with people in ways that made a difference, and that opportunity grew from a seemingly simple seed that my husband planted and tended to again and again —  the ask. He knew that when you really wanted someone’s support, you had to ask for it — with sincerity, humility and confidence.

I remember knocking on doors with him until after dark on Election Day Eve, a final burst of connecting with people who would {hopefully} be pulling levers the next day. Even when I was greeted with warmth and smiles, I remembered Josh saying, “You have to ask for their vote,” and would do that before heading back onto the sidewalk.

So, it’s Election Eve and even though I haven’t been knocking on doors in the dark, I do have an important ask . . . and this one’s for you:  Would you please vote tomorrow? Thank you.

To tune into an Election Day playlist featuring THE REPLACEMENTS, LYLE LOVETT, ARCADIA, THE NATIONAL  and more, click on the image below.




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